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Coleman Services HVAC & Plumbing

We service the entire CSRA for all your plumbing, HVAC, and mechanical needs.

Coleman Services has over 20 full-time employees who make it their mission to provide the best possible plumbing, heating air, and mechanical services in the Augusta and CSRA.

Since Coleman Construction’s inception in 1992, the Coleman Family of Businesses has grown to include Coleman Services and Coleman Mechanical Services, Inc., providing exceptional strengths in both plumbing and air conditioning for all of our commercial, industrial, and residential customers. Even though our customer base stretches across the entire states of Georgia and South Carolina, you can be assured that your needs will be met promptly, courteously, and professionally… with that good old hometown spirit.

Coleman Services Team

Ken coleman
Ken Coleman
Operations Manager/Project Manager – Coleman Mechanical
Ken is the President and Founder of Coleman Construction. Prior to forming Coleman Construction, Ken attended Jefferson County Vocational Technical Center for plumbing and heating, once completed he moved back to Augusta and worked for a local mechanical contractor for 10 years. During these years he rose from plumbing mechanic to project manager as well as became one of their apprenticeship instructors. In 1991 his ambition led him start Coleman Construction, Inc.
Derrell newman
Derrell Newman
Vice President/Project Manager - Coleman Mechanical
Derrell was first introduced to the HVAC field in 1978 by taking a summer job straight out of Westside High School. By the early 1990’s, Derrell achieved his Georgia State Conditioned Air Contractors License and moved from Start-up duties to Estimating and Project Management. In 2012, Ken Coleman called on Derrell to develop a partnership to provide Mechanical Contracting services with a focus on HVAC for Medical, Government, and Manufacturing. To date, many installations and services have been provided to Augusta’s VA Hospitals, University Hospital, Augusta University, Ft Gordon facilities, and a host of both Residential and Commercial facilities throughout the CSRA.
Michael dietzel
Michael Dietzel
Plumbing Service Manager
Coleman Construction Hire Date - 2011 18 years of plumbing experience
*Journeyman Plumbing License
*Georgia Backflow Tester Certification
William dietzel
William Dietzel
Plumbing Service Technician
Employed Since 2017
Chris rollins
Chris Rollins
Vice President
Chris has been Coleman's Vice President and Senior Project Manager since joining the company in 1999. In these roles he has completed many successful design-build and design-bid-build projects for various facilities some of which include; health care, office buildings, hotels and restaurants. Prior to joining Coleman Construction Chris worked for the local branch of a major plumbing wholesale company, where he was involved in procurement of large orders, scheduling of delivery and assisting in design of various pump systems. It is with the knowledge gained from his experience in the wholesale business and with Coleman that he is able to efficiently manage, procure and streamline a project from conception to a satisfactory end product.
Johnathon ellis
Johnathon Ellis
Lead Foreman
Coleman Constitution Hire Date - 2008

* Master Plumber State of Georgia
* NITC Certified Medical Gas Installer
* NCCER Apprentice Instructor
* Forklift, Boom lift, Excavator, and Snorkel lift Certified
Tim coleman
Tim Coleman
Vice President of Operations
Employed since 2001 Timothy runs the day to day operations of Coleman Services, is involved in the estimating process on all projects for Coleman Construction. Timothy is a Master Plumber in the State of Georgia, NCCER Certified Master Trainer, and Medical Gas Certified in several states. In his free time Tim enjoys camping with his family and coaching youth football
Ken anderson
Ken Anderson
VP of Operations - Coleman Mechanical
Ken’s experience in the HVAC industry began in 1992 working for a local sheet metal shop. He completed a 4-year apprenticeship program where he learned Duct Fabrication, Welding, and utilization of Blue Prints for system installations. Ken worked his way up from an Apprentice to a Mechanic within these 4 years. Subsequent to completing the apprenticeship program, he took his first job as a foreman over-seeing a project at Augusta’s MCG Two North and South. After years of working as a foreman, Ken moved his way into an ownership role of a small HVAC business, concentrating primarily on New School Builds. Ken began working with Coleman Mechanical Services in February of 2015.
Pete clark
Pete Clark
Lead Foreman
Journeyman Plumber/Lead Foreman/Medical Gas Certified/ Employed Since 2016
Kenny coleman
Kenny Coleman
Construction Supervisor
General Construction Supervisor/ Employed Since 2014
Kit rollins
Kit Rollins
Project Manager
Estimator/Journeyman Plumber/Employed Since 2010
Kyle norton
Kyle Norton
Field Supervisor
I started working for Coleman Construction as a helper in September of 2007. June of 2010 I began running industrial and commercial jobs. In February of 2012 I received my Journeyman License and earned my Medical Gas Certification in 2013, which allows me to install medical gas systems in hospitals and other medical facilities. I received my NCCER Teaching Certification in 2017 and began teaching in the Apprenticeship Program ran by Coleman Construction. In April of 2018 I was granted a Class 2 Master Plumbing License. I worked as a Foreman for 9 years before becoming the Field Supervisor.
Nate stroup
Nate Stroup
Lead Foreman
Master Plumber/Lead Foreman/Medical Gas Certified/Employed Since 2010

Our History

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